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SOMNOscreen® HD – In-Lab Polysomnography


  • The SOMNOscreen HD - SOMNOmedics most powerful & advanced PSG system.
    The SOMNOscreen HD - SOMNOmedics most powerful & advanced PSG system.


A third smaller than the SOMNOscreen Plus, the new power-house SOMNOscreen® HD offers excellent signal quality of up to 4 kHz sampling rate per channel.

The high-resolution touchscreen allows a simple and intuitive operation.  In addition, the signal – and impedance – can be seen directly on the display at the patient’s bedside.


Intelligent Connect™

Automatic sensor & electrode recognition – making montages a thing of the past

Excellent Signal Quality

PSG System with up to 70 channels
4kHz sample rate with 24 Bit resolution

HD Touch Screen

Allows PC Independent set-up, bio-calibration & impedance check at the bedside

Shortest EEG Electrode with Continuous Impedance Check

Lower noise, higher signal quality & with confirmation of proper electrode hook-up during and after study

True Wireless Technology

Real time wireless data transmission. Wireless sensor enabled for patient comfort and mobility



The future is here – our most powerful and flexible sleep diagnostic system. The SOMNOscreen HD™ is a new generation of PSG with 55 channels (10 internal, 28 external, 17 EXG via the headbox) which can be upgraded to 70 channels, they are recorded at a resolution of up to 4 kHz per channel. Excellent signal quality goes without saying. The SOMNOscreen HD™ offers the maximum flexibility in sleep diagnostics in a in-lab setting. Whether according to the AASM standard or configurations for specific studies, it is always you who decides what you would like to measure and with which configuration you would like to start.

With intelligent connect, the new montage free sensor recognition, you can connect any sensor to any slot and also change it during the measurement. If an installation on the PC has been selected before the cable is connected, the device will indicate any missing sensors. Incorrect measurements due to forgotten or incorrectly connected sensors are thus excluded. Even without assembly, the measurements can now be started directly on the device.

Thanks to the built-in data transmitter, the SOMNOscreen HD™ allows the full mobility of the patient – making the process of a PSG more comfortable for the patient.

In addition we have a full suit of stationary video options as well as other sensors and head boxes that will exceed your expectations.

Compact In-Lab PSG Device

  • 17 Channel Headbox with 12 EEG/EOG, Ground, Reference, Continuous Impedance, 2 EMG
  • OPTIONAL – 32 Channel Headbox with 25 EEG/EOG with continuous Impedance, 6 Differential, 1 ECG
  • 2 PLM
  • Pressure (Flow & Snore)
  • Flow Thermistor
  • Effort (Thorax / Abdomen)
  • Intercostal EMG Efforts
  • SpO2, Pulse rate
  • Body position
  • Movement (Sleep / Wake Determination)
  • CPAP/BiPAP – Pressure
  • Microphone
  • Wireless data receiver

Intelligent Connect™

The new Intelligent ConnectTM technology simplifies your day-to-day work in the sleep lab by automatically recognizing which sensor has been attached.

This allows the plug-in slots for the sensors to be freely selectable and sensors can even be changed or added during the measurement.  Faulty measurements, due to incorrectly attached sensors, are now a thing of the past.  If a montage is selected on the PC before the sensors are attached to the patient, the device will show an optical signal that a sensor may be missing.

Even without a pre-set montage, the sensor measurement can be started directly from the SOMNOscreen HDTM– simply plug in the desired sensor and begin the measurement.

Docking station for simplified handling

The docking station is used to charge the SOMNOscreen® HD Li-Ion battery and to install regular, free of charge firmware updates. This means your SOMNOscreen® HD is always up to date.

A virtual docking station also appears on your PC and shows the actual status of the device.

In addition to the telemetric data transfer in real time, the measurement data is stored on an internal memory card and can be transferred to a PC via the docking station at the end of the diagnosis. This system insures no measurements are ever lost.

Optional Video

The Camera with integrated data receiver includes:

  • LAN-Infrared video Camera
  • Integrated IR illumination
  • Integrated microphone and speaker
  • Integrated BT-receiver
  • Incl. wall / ceiling mount
  • Incl. video recording software
  • H.264 Video-Stream
  • Resolution: 1280 x 960 pixels
  • Weight 688 g
  • Dimensions 157 x 127 x 125 mm
  • Power DC 5 V, 2 A, max. 10 W

We have a number of high end video solutions available. To find out more please visit our dedicated VIDEO page. Please click HERE.

In the software the following can be achieved:

  • Synchronous play to physiological data.
  • Selectable speed (step-wise between 0.25 and 100x) with loop option.

Data analysis and report

  • Computer Aided analysis of all standard signals according to latest AASM standards
  • Computer aided sleep staging with self-learning, user specified thresholds for each patient: fast & accurate analysis – 80% time saving, validated
  • Computer aided analysis of cortical & autonomous arousal
  • Sleep fragmentation based on cortical arousal, pleth and PTT changes
  • FFT module: EEG data analysis amplitude, spectral & frequency mapping
  • Correlation of respiratory events with desaturations, changes in heart rate and arousals
  • Computer aided detection of Cheyne Stokes, arousals based on pleth analysis
  • Continuous noninvasive Blood Pressure based on PTT, patentend and validated (where law permits)
  • Snoring topography for localization of snoring source
  • Intercostal EMG (IC EMG): breathing effort analysis for best detection of central apneas
  • Flow Limitation – obstruction level analysis
  • Flow detection during PAP therapy based on miniaturized pneumotachograph
  • Graphic based montage editor
  • Unlimited Customized reports and Form letters, Sample Epochs added to final report
  • Flexible individual screen layouts, customized Keyboard shortcuts
  • Reanalysis at any time
  • MSLT and split night reports
  • Inter-Scorer variability
  • Archiving to CD/DVD or network drive
  • GDT and HL7 interface
  • Export of data in MS Excel, SPSS, EDF+ and ASCII, Import of data in EDF+
  • Export of whole case in self running file
  • Video editing
  • Calendar with SOMNO scheduler
  • User manager for the assignment of access rights and automatic tracking

Please visit our dedicated software page for more information.

Additional Options

  • RIP-Effort sensor
  • Nasal/Oral flow sensor thermistor
  • Microphone for Snoring detection
  • PLM sensors
  • 1-channel analogue optocoupler
  • 4-channel analogue optocoupler
  • External ADC Board – 8 Channels
  • External ADC Board – 16 Channels
  • Option signal check via smartphone – including SOMNOmedics Android application
  • Signal check via e-mail for ambulatory polygraphy and polysomnography  +++ This option requires a valid smartphone contract +++
  • Option signal check via Tablet PC (Bluetooth) including SOMNOmedics Android Application
  • 1 channel ECG sensor
  • Miniaturized Pneumotachograph Set
  • Photic Stimulator – for advanced neurological diagnostics incl. triggering via DOMINO software
  • Simplified Sleep Stage Evaluation (ambulatory) – 2 EEG / 2 EOG – Combi sensor including light sensor incl. Sleep Analysis Software,

The above is a small selection of our most popular options. We have a wide range of other items and accessories – please contact us should you require anything that is not listed here.

Valid from 1st September 2018 – Subject to Change without Notice Rev. 1


Our devices are only as good as the reports that are produced. That is why our sleep diagnostic reporting tool is powerful and configurable. To see a sample report please click below where you will be able to see full report.



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