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Scoring according to the AASM rules – 13. – 14. June 2019.

We are delighted to inform our latest “Scoring according to the AASM rules” training course at our headquarters in Randersacker, Germany.

Running from Thursday, 13th June to Friday, 14th June the course will cover everything from the application of the sensors, scoring according to the AASM respiratory and cardio-logic parameters as well as practical cases to help you apply what you have learnt in a real world scenario. 

Day 2 covers manual scoring, hands-on sessions and a update of all the new technology and special features that makes SOMNOmedics device different from the rest. 

You can find the registration form and program by clicking HERE

Deadline for registration: 3rd May 2019 – first come, first serve.

Costs: EUR 380,00 for training, lunches, dinner and evening program (not including accommodation).

We hope to see you soon in Randersacker! 

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