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When less is MORE:

The SOMNOtouch RESP eco PG, sleep screener HST may be small but its powerful.
The SOMNOtouch RESP eco may be small but its powerful.

SOMNOmedics has just launched a new entry level Home Sleep Screening device. The device – named the SOMNOtouch RESP eco – joins the SOMNOtouch family of products and is positioned primarily at the doctor who only requires a simple respiratory sleep screening device – but demands 12 channels or more.

We took the SOMNOtouch RESP and went back to basics, taking simplicity to the next level. It has the same accuracy and power as the SOMNOtouch RESP, with fewer premium features. We have removed: the colour touchscreen, the Bluetooth option, one AUX plug (there are normally two) for the abdomen effort (optional) and the docking station, which has been exchanged with a combined data and charging cable.

Of course we saved all the things our customers like about the SOMNOtouch RESP. The built-in channels are still present, which include: nasal/oral flow, snoring, CPAP pressure, SpO2, pulse rate,

1 x built-in effort, activity, body position, plethysmogram and a patient marker.

SOMNOtouch RESP eco beautiful in its simplicity. Find out more CLICK HERE

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